A little bit of housekeeping

I have been working on some changes around the site that I’m really excited about.

I have updated the recipe index.  Rather than a long, alphabetical list, it is now sorted into categories.  Recipes are under multiple categories, so you hopefully shouldn’t be guessing where to find something.  I’m very excited to have enough recipes to categorize.  This also helps me see where we need some more recipes.

I added a nutrition topics heading on the top menu.  I am hoping putting different topics together on a page will be more helpful than just following tags.  Especially since I am honestly not the best at using the same tags on the same topics.  If you see any topic categories missing or that you’d like information on, please let me know.

I also want to discuss a couple general recipe “issues”.  As you’ve likely noticed, most of my recipes call for “onion” and “garlic powder”.  “White whole wheat flour” also makes a frequent appearance on this site.

Unless otherwise specified, I use yellow onions.  You can substitute other onions, but realize that white are often a bit stronger and red have a different flavor.  I have generally preferred garlic powder to fresh garlic because of laziness.  I can buy a giant container of garlic powder and never run out or have to chop anything or deal with the paper stuff.  However, I just got a garlic press for Christmas and am transitioning back to fresh garlic.  I find they are generally interchangeable, with ⅛ – ¼ teaspoon of powder equivalent to a clove of garlic.

White whole wheat flour is actually a whole grain flour.  It is milled from soft, white wheat compared with the hard, red wheat used for traditional whole wheat flour.  I find white whole wheat flour makes baked good less dense and slightly closer in taste and texture to a white product without sacrificing fiber and nutrition.  You can use traditional whole wheat flour.  However, you may want to experiment with ratios of whole wheat to all-purpose flour to get the texture that you want.

Lastly, I try to specify whatever oil I used when cooking a dish, such as olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil, etc.  Especially in cooking, I usually find them fairly interchangeable.  If I’m running low on one oil, I don’t think twice about substituting another.  If there is a flavor profile you prefer, feel free to stick with that oil.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the site changes and if you have any other common issues with recipes!

Happy browsing!

Have any nutrition questions? Need help with meal planning or a special dietary need? Send your questions to me at kimberlykmarsh(at)gmail(dot)com, and I will answer them in upcoming posts!

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  1. I’m a big fan of jarred minced garlic. I’m sure it’s more expensive than pressing or mincing my own garlic cloves, but it’s also a far cry better than garlic powder and I never have to worry about not using up my fresh garlic. It’s a good in-between option for me and very convenient. (1/2 to 1 t. = 1 clove)

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