Back to School: Comfort Foods


I read this fascinating article by Mark Bittman talking about comfort foods.  For each of us, our comfort foods are different.  Eating Kraft Mac and Cheese makes me feel like I’m home, while my husband would rather go hungry.  One of my college roommates loved macaroni cooked in homemade tomato juice (think spaghetios without ketchup) which I avoided like the plague.

But as Bittman points out:  it doesn’t matter what your comfort food is.  Just think about what little changes make it a slightly healthier choice.  Even burgers and fries are likely better for you if you make them at home.  Swap your canned vegetables for frozen.  Upgrade to a whole grain pasta or brown rice.

Comfort foods are important meals for your family.  They make meal time a happy, hopefully battle-free zone.  Also, they shouldn’t be stressful for you to make.  These are the recipes that you no longer look at, you can just make it from off the top of your head.

So, as school is getting back in session and your lives are getting much busier, remember to occasionally go back to those comfort foods.

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  1. A very interesting article. Back to school, to work, which is a not eating healthy? . The organization is equal to a good meal. If we have time, we plan! . All the thiks will be very easy.


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