Food Trends

Parade Magazine recently published results of a survey called “What America Eats”.  There are some interesting finds in the survey.  However, it is important to note that this survey only included 1000 people from around the US.  While I’m sure they tried to get a representative sample, that isn’t a ton of people.  I’m highlighting a …

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Mealtime Magic

Mealtime can be a battle with kids, even if they aren’t picky eaters.  Kids love to come up with a reason not to eat what you made:  wrong color, not what they wanted today, smells funny, etc.  As parents, this is stressful.  You want them to eat healthy and to grow well.  Five words will …

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Welcome to Food for Thought RD!  I’m Kimberly Marsh, a registered dietitian, stay-at-home wife and mom, blogger, self-taught cook, and food lover. To start out, I’d like to share a bit about myself and my background: I was a fairly average eater as a kid, or so my mom tells me.  I didn’t really care …

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