Clean Eating

Clean eating seems to be buzzing around social media lately.  Is it just a new diet craze or an eating plan you should follow?  Here’s what I could find and my opinion.

The basic idea of eating clean is what it sounds like.  You focus on unprocessed, whole, natural foods.  The diet emphasizes getting a balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates at each meal.  Getting enough protein early in the day is emphasized.  Eating several smaller meals throughout the day is recommended.   Avoid excess fat, salt, and sugar.  “Clean” sugars are honey and maple syrup.  Avoid drinking calories, but focus on water.  Exercise is also encouraged.

Overall, this seems more like a lifestyle than a diet.  I agree with most of the basic principles.  Avoiding “processed” foods is generally beneficial (although that is a fairly ambiguous term, read more here).  Most of us don’t get enough protein in the morning, so that is a great idea.  Avoiding high calorie drinks and increasing your physical activity are also great ideas.

I don’t agree that everyone needs to eat several small meals throughout the day.  For many people, this eating plan can be beneficial.  But for some, they will just eat more.  it takes planning and thought to make sure you are not consuming more calories in the day when you eat more meals.  I don’t think it is a generally bad idea, but it isn’t the solution for everyone.

I also dislike calling honey and maple syrup as superior to any other form of sugar.  They are all sugar and add calories.  You should use any of them in moderation.

For once, I can actually recommend a diet I’m reviewing!  Happy eating everyone!

Have any nutrition questions? Need help with meal planning or a special dietary need? Send your questions to me at kimberlykmarsh(at)gmail(dot)com, and I will answer them in upcoming posts!

(Information from Cooking Light)


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