balanced diet

Clean Eating

Clean eating seems to be buzzing around social media lately.  Is it just a new diet craze or an eating plan you should follow?  Here’s what I could find and my opinion. The basic idea of eating clean is what it sounds like.  You focus on unprocessed, whole, natural foods.  The diet emphasizes getting a …

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When I tell people I’m a dietitian, they automatically assume I eat super healthy and never eat fast food. I would say my efforts to eat a balanced, healthful diet are above average but certainly not extreme. And I certainly eat out, even fast food. I’ve said many times on this site that I think …

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Beyond vitamins

People often wonder if they can just take a multi-vitamin and skip eating their fruits and vegetables. I always say no! A pill does not contain all the phytochemicals your foods do, among the many other benefits of foods over supplements. Phytochemicals are substances that naturally occur in plant foods. They can contribute to the …

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