Meat and Cancer

An announcement that processed and red meat increase your risk of cancer is all over the news today. The International Agency on Cancer Research (IACR) – a part of the World health Organization – is the source of this news. They released a statement saying that consumption of processed meats increases the risk of colorectal …

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Everyone has an opinion on what you should or should not eat when you are pregnant, it seems.  Recently, a man at the grocery store told me I should not buy a certain light yogurt since “it contains aspartame which is toxic for the baby, you know”.  I tried to pleasantly smile and show him …

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Beyond vitamins

People often wonder if they can just take a multi-vitamin and skip eating their fruits and vegetables. I always say no! A pill does not contain all the phytochemicals your foods do, among the many other benefits of foods over supplements. Phytochemicals are substances that naturally occur in plant foods. They can contribute to the …

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