eating out


When I tell people I’m a dietitian, they automatically assume I eat super healthy and never eat fast food. I would say my efforts to eat a balanced, healthful diet are above average but certainly not extreme. And I certainly eat out, even fast food. I’ve said many times on this site that I think …

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Q&A: Holiday Eating

Q: During the holidays, I eat at other people’s homes frequently. How do I eat healthy and control my weight when I am not planning the menu? A: Great question! The holidays are often a difficult time for making healthy choices. Treats are everywhere, and big meals become the norm. Here are a few tips …

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Eating with Friends

Do you eat differently based on the people you are eating with? A recent study found that your eating companion’s weight may effect how you eat. When eating with an overweight companion, participants in the study were more likely to eat large portions of pasta and small portions of salad. When eating with a normal …

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