healthy snacks

Smart Vending Machines

I heard a news story about an interesting development in vending machines. New “smart” vending machines can use facial recognition technology to restrict an individual customer’s choices. According to the manufacturer, this can be used to prevent kids from buying cigarettes or keep dieters on track. I think this is an interesting proposition. There are …

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Chips and Dip

Football season is here.  My husband is in heaven for the next few months.  Like all sports, I prefer watching football in person than on the television.  But some good snacks always make me more inclined to watch a game. Chips and dip are a classic game day snack, but both can be overloaded with …

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All about Snacks

My life seems to be filled with the word snack lately. My little one recently added that word to her vocabulary and requests a snack anytime she isn’t getting her way. Every other blog post I read is about preparing after school snacks for kids. Recipes for snack type foods are popping up everywhere with …

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