Sugar coated research

A friend recently sent me this article from the NY Times: “How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat“. The article details how researchers recently found documents showing that (more than 50 years ago) sugar industry executives paid and provided articles to scientists. The scientists were “encouraged” to write review articles highlighting fat as the …

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The Science behind Nutrition Advice

People often express frustration at nutrition recommendations since they seem to change over the years. Many years ago, butter was “bad”, so everyone switched to margarine. Then with information about trans fats, people thought margarine was bad. Low fat diets were all the rage, then low carb. Why is it so confusing to determine what …

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Are you eating too much “highly” processed food?

  Which of the foods in the picture is a processed food?  TRICK QUESTION!! All of them are.  I’ve posted before about how we need to be more specific in defining the term “processed food”.  Almost everything we eat is processed.  Some of that processing is good, since it makes food safer to eat, such …

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