Chicken Shawarma

As part of my schooling, I participated in several cultural sensitivity programs. Food and diet are a huge part of every culture, so it was important to try to understand different cultural groups before trying to treat them. However, I think the thing I learned most from these programs was how culturally insensitive we all …

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Overnight Oatmeal

In my last post, I discussed the importance of getting enough protein at breakfast and mentioned oatmeal as a protein-rich breakfast. ¬†However, many people don’t want to cook in the morning or eat hot cereal in the summer. Overnight oats are a great solution and are fast, simple, and endlessly versatile. ¬†I will give you …

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Q&A: Probiotics

Q: What is your opinion on probiotics? I’ve been having digestion problems for the last few years, and I was wondering if probiotics could help me. A: Probiotics are live bacteria that are the same or very similar to “good” bacteria naturally found in our bodies. Probiotics can be found in pills, yogurts, and drinks. …

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