Tetris for weight control?

We all experience food cravings. Sometimes cravings seem to come out of nowhere, but they are often stimulated by some sort of sensory input, like smelling popcorn at the movie theater.

But an interesting new study suggests that sensory input can also help you beat your cravings.

The study looked at change in level of craving before and after a task that either involved visual imagery or did not. Participants rated their level of food craving. They then either played the computer game Tetris or waited for a computer program to load (which would never load). After this “task”, they again rated their cravings. The participants who played Tetris had significantly lower cravings after the task than the other participants.

While I’m not suggesting everyone start playing Tetris, try doing an activity that stimulates your visual sense. Do a puzzle, plan a garden, or go for a walk and focus on the scenery around you. You may find these or other visual distractions will help you keep your cravings under control.

Here is an abstract of the study.

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