Valentine’s Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a day to show those around you that you love them – be it your sweetheart, children, extended family, friends, etc. Even if you don’t have a romantic relationship, choose to stay positive and show love those you do have in your life (and maybe yourself too!).

Today, I’m sharing a few gift ideas and food ideas for this upcoming holiday. Hope you find something that interests you. Share in the comments your plans for the day of love! (I am a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates program. Affiliate links below do not change the price for you but I do earn money from qualifying purchases. Consider yourself warned.)

Kid’s Gifts

America’s Test Kitchen Young Chefs Cooking Club – My daughter loves subscriptions. We have not done this one yet, but I love the America’s Test Kitchen Kids products we do have. If you are looking to get your kids in the kitchen more, this is a great idea.

Raddish Cooking Club for Kids – We tried this out last spring and it was very fun. The recipes had great step- by-step instructions. Each kit comes with a kitchen tool and badge for the child to collect. And with a monthly box, this is another gift that keeps on giving.

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs – My seven year old got this for her birthday last year and has LOVED it. Many of the recipes she can even make by herself with very limited supervision. And it isn’t “kid” food. There are recipes for salmon, quinoa, carrot ginger soup, and more. So you will want to eat their creations.

Our Best Bites Cookbook – This cookbook isn’t for kids, but my kids love to look through all the pictures in here and pick out food to make. Again, this isn’t focused on “kid” food, so it encourages them to branch out. My children have picked teriyaki chicken salad, chipotle chocolate chili, and lots of treats from here.

Kids Apron and Chef’s Hat – Lastly, nothing gets my kids more excited about helping me in the kitchen than putting on their apron. This set with a chef’s hat included is adorable.

Adult Gifts (not THAT kind of adult gift)

The King Arthur Baking Company’s All-Purpose Baker’s Companion – If you have a baker in your life, this is the ultimate baking guide. Everything I have made from here has turned out amazing. Their chocolate waffles are amazing. The oatmeal honey bread is my favorite homemade bread recipe. I made the biscuits from here last night.

Slate Cheeseboard – For the entertainer in your life, this cheeseboard is a fun find. Not just for serving cheese, this is a fun way to display all kinds of appetizers or side dishes.

Zingerman’s Mail Order – I got a gift card to Zingerman’s for Christmas, and it was SO fun picking out what to buy. I got my slate cheeseboard from here. They have lots of different foods to try for the foodie in your life. They have amazing breads, balsamic vinegars, cheeses, olive oils, etc. Pick something out yourself or give the gift of a gift card so your loved one can enjoy perusing the catalog too. Looking at all the fun things is almost a gift in itself.

Cutlery and More – My husband has collected some fun knives I didn’t know we needed until he got them as he has gotten into his hobby of smoking meat. A long slicing knife, sharp boning knives, or even just a great standard chef’s knife are great gifts. Loved one already have a knife? A sharpener is also a great idea. Sharp knives don’t sound super romantic though…

Cooking Light – This is one of my favorite magazines for healthy recipe ideas. And a monthly magazine is great gift to remind your loved ones of you all year long.

Menu Ideas

Easy Meatballs
These easy meatballs are a great little romantic dinner for two. Serve with some crusty bread and a great side salad. Snuggle up together and dig in.

These stuffed sweet potatoes are a different take on the meat and potatoes dinner. Also fairly quick and easy to make so you can spend more time with those you love.

Eiffel Tower Salad
Wish you could travel somewhere romantic for Valentine’s Day? Travel with your plate! This Eiffel Tower salad would be great with some other Parisian inspired faire – really good bread, beef bourguignon, croquet monsieur.

Spinach with Feta and Craisins
If you are going the more traditional steak dinner route, try this spinach side dish. Full of vitamins and flavor, it is sure to be a hit.

Sheet Pan Ratatouille
This sheet pan ratatouille with salmon is a one pan meal that patches a big visual and flavor punch.

Dark Chocolate Pudding
It wouldn’t be Valentine’s without some chocolate. Knock your loved ones dead with this simple but decadent pudding.

Hope you have a great Valentine’s celebrating yourself and those you love, romantically or not!

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