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Nutrition Claims on Foods

I read a couple interesting research articles recently related to nutrient claims on foods and whether that correlated to actual changes in the foods. Many of us remember years ago how often the "reduced fat" version of some foods actually had MORE calories due to the added sugars, etc they put in to improve the… Continue reading Nutrition Claims on Foods

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Are you ready for some football?

Do you watch the Super Bowl? I feel like most people do, even if they aren't football fans. The commercials are usually funny. Lots of people watch it just for the half-time show. I enjoy the Super Bowl for a couple reasons. First, I love the excuse to make a bunch of food and hang… Continue reading Are you ready for some football?

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Is dark chocolate good for your heart?

February is American Heart Month, with Wear Red Day (a day for increasing awareness of heart disease in women) this Friday, February 5, 2021. Coincidentally, today is Dark Chocolate Day. I thought this was a good day to discuss any potential health benefits from dark chocolate as it often gets billed as a "superfood" or… Continue reading Is dark chocolate good for your heart?


Orange Power Smoothie

We officially hit summer here. And by that, I mean it is HOT! Thankfully, a couple splash pads and our HOA pool have opened. But I still feel hot most of the day. I try to exercise first thing in the morning. First, it just gets it out of the way and starts my day… Continue reading Orange Power Smoothie


Sheet Pan Ratatouille

True story: Ever since the Disney Movie, Ratatouille, I've been mildly obsessed with making ratatouille. In the movie, it looked SOOO good. Which is funny, because I haven't been a historically big fan of zucchini and other summer squashes. I'm coming around as an adult, but it's still got to be GOOD. This sheet pan… Continue reading Sheet Pan Ratatouille