Garlic Veggie Ramen

Did you eat ramen growing up? I didn't. I don't know if my mom didn't like it or what. The closest I remember to having it in the house was occasionally she had the cup o' noodles ones for my dad to take to work for lunch. As an adult, I've grown in to eating… Continue reading Garlic Veggie Ramen


Quick Eggs Benedict (or Florentine)

Friends, the world has completely changed since my last post. I've been trying to navigate this new temporary normal with my family as I know you are with yours. My daughter has been using my laptop most days for school. We just got a loaner from the school for her, so I might be able… Continue reading Quick Eggs Benedict (or Florentine)


Dealing with Food Allergies and Intolerances

I recently had some people over for dinner.  I was craving nachos, so that is what I served.  As I was about to cuchocolate cake for dessert, one of them tells me that he has celiac and can't eat gluten.  I had no idea before dinner.  Sadly, I didn't have any dessert alternatives for him.… Continue reading Dealing with Food Allergies and Intolerances


Ham and Spinach Gratin or “It’s Not Quiche”

A few years ago, I received both volumes of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Honestly, most of my attempts to make recipes from them have not been huge successes.  Even the infamous potage parmentier did not turn out very well.  This gratin recipe - essentially a crustless quiche - is the exception… Continue reading Ham and Spinach Gratin or “It’s Not Quiche”