Growth mindset through sacrifice

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. For much of the Christian world, this begins Lent, a 40 day period of fasting from certain "luxuries" and showing greater devotion to God. This is seen as a representation of Christ's fasting for 40 days and a preparation for Easter. Growing up, I frequently remember friends giving up chocolate or… Continue reading Growth mindset through sacrifice

Nutrition, q&a

Q&A: Intermittent fasting

Q: Many people I know are using "intermittent fasting" to lose weight. Is it effective? Are there health benefits? Should I try it? A: Thank you for your questions as always. I actually have a few family members who follow an intermittent fasting "diet", so I was very interested to research some more about this.… Continue reading Q&A: Intermittent fasting


Back to School Refresher

Hi all, Sorry to have gone on hiatus again. Summer has been crazy around here. Lots of travel, lots of home repairs, lots of cleaning from said home repairs.... My oldest started school this year, and I've honestly been looking forward to an enforced schedule to regulate our days. Many people feel like this time… Continue reading Back to School Refresher


Sugary death match: Jelly vs Nutella

  I have a confession to make. I only started eating peanut butter about 4 years ago. That may seem really strange, but it's true.┬áHope glimmered in my life back in 2011/2012, and I have since come around. I still am not as big a fan as many people, particularly of peanut butter and chocolate.… Continue reading Sugary death match: Jelly vs Nutella


The Science behind Nutrition Advice

People often express frustration at nutrition recommendations since they seem to change over the years. Many years ago, butter was "bad", so everyone switched to margarine. Then with information about trans fats, people thought margarine was bad. Low fat diets were all the rage, then low carb. Why is it so confusing to determine what… Continue reading The Science behind Nutrition Advice