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DASH diet and Salmon and Farro Sheet Pan Dinner

If you've been hear awhile, you know that I don't encourage "dieting" - following a restrictive diet plan for a specified period of time until you achieve a health goal. Why? Because that isn't sustainable. I want you to create a "diet" for your life, a plan you can follow all the time. Then when… Continue reading DASH diet and Salmon and Farro Sheet Pan Dinner


Heart Health and Exercise

Today is National Walk Your Dog Day. We don't have a dog for a multitude of reasons. When one of my daughter's asks for a dog, I tell her she got a baby brother. So today, I walked said baby brother. We both enjoyed the fresh air. With it being American Heart Month, does walking… Continue reading Heart Health and Exercise


Wine and Heart Health

Today is National Drink Wine Day. Drinking wine has often been reported to have cardioprotective effects - meaning it helps prevent heart disease. The question is, what is the science behind that and does it hold up? The question began with something called the French Paradox, which has been seen in some other European countries… Continue reading Wine and Heart Health


Nutrition Claims on Foods

I read a couple interesting research articles recently related to nutrient claims on foods and whether that correlated to actual changes in the foods. Many of us remember years ago how often the "reduced fat" version of some foods actually had MORE calories due to the added sugars, etc they put in to improve the… Continue reading Nutrition Claims on Foods

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Is dark chocolate good for your heart?

February is American Heart Month, with Wear Red Day (a day for increasing awareness of heart disease in women) this Friday, February 5, 2021. Coincidentally, today is Dark Chocolate Day. I thought this was a good day to discuss any potential health benefits from dark chocolate as it often gets billed as a "superfood" or… Continue reading Is dark chocolate good for your heart?


Go Red for Women

Today is National Wear Red Day, part of American Heart Month and the Go Red for Women Campaign. The purpose is to raise awareness of cardiac disease risk factors and prevention, especially in women. More women die from cardiovascular disease in the United States than all kinds of cancer combined. I think heart disease is… Continue reading Go Red for Women


The skinny on fats

Earlier this year, a study challenged the long-held belief that eating a diet low in saturated fats was bad. Combining the results of many previous studies, it concluded that low consumption of saturated fats and high consumption of polyunsaturated fats (the current diet recommended by the American Heart Association) did not actually lower risk of… Continue reading The skinny on fats