African Hominy and Beans

February is Black History Month. I think we are all aware of traditional Southern United States dishes that get mentioned this month. But it is interesting to look further into the roots of those dishes and the origins of African Americans. Most of us haven't been to Africa or an African themed restaurant, with the… Continue reading African Hominy and Beans


The Pegan Diet

I hear about the paleo diet fairly frequently still, but I recently heard about new variant of paleo - the pegan diet. The pegan diet is sort of a combination of paleo and vegan. At first, I thought that sounded impossible. The whole point of paleo is to eat meat, the whole point of vegan… Continue reading The Pegan Diet


Guest Post – Quick Vegetable Stock

I'm very excited to share a guest post from The Kitchen Professor today. Check out his awesome site here! It's a great source of recipes, product reviews, and information about cast iron cookware. There are three main reasons that I like to make my own vegetable stock: 1. I never seem to have vegetable stock… Continue reading Guest Post – Quick Vegetable Stock


Rice Stuffed Tomatoes

One of my husband's sisters is currently serving a mission for our church in Italy. She's been gone for almost a year and half and comes home soon. Periodically, while she has been gone, we have tried to make at home or to eat at restaurants more authentic Italian dishes. We've tried some pizzas that… Continue reading Rice Stuffed Tomatoes


Slow Cooker Veggie Sweet Potato Chili

I just spent a good chunk of my morning playing outside with my daughter.  The weather is absolutely beautiful today, and tomorrow it all goes to pot.  It will be cold and windy.  No more swings and parks and playing in the leaves.  I'm sad. A nice bowl of warm chili makes the prospect of… Continue reading Slow Cooker Veggie Sweet Potato Chili