The Pegan Diet

I hear about the paleo diet fairly frequently still, but I recently heard about new variant of paleo - the pegan diet. The pegan diet is sort of a combination of paleo and vegan. At first, I thought that sounded impossible. The whole point of paleo is to eat meat, the whole point of vegan… Continue reading The Pegan Diet


Q&A: Keto diet

Q: Is the ketogenic diet safe? Does it work? A: Thank you as always for the question. I always enjoy responding to reader questions. The ketogenic is a popular low carb diet right now. Different from Atkins or South Beach diet, the keto diet focuses on high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbs. The… Continue reading Q&A: Keto diet

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Q&A: Intermittent fasting

Q: Many people I know are using "intermittent fasting" to lose weight. Is it effective? Are there health benefits? Should I try it? A: Thank you for your questions as always. I actually have a few family members who follow an intermittent fasting "diet", so I was very interested to research some more about this.… Continue reading Q&A: Intermittent fasting

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Q&A: Ketogenic Diet

Q: Is the ketogenic diet helpful for brain health, remembering, clear thinking, etc? A: Thank you as always for questions. I love hearing what nutrition topics are concerning everyone. With so much in the media, it is very hard to know what "real" people are focusing on. The ketogenic diet is a high fat, low… Continue reading Q&A: Ketogenic Diet


New Year and I’m back…again

Friends. So sorry for the long hiatus again. I'm sort of perennially working on a menu project that someday I'll be super excited to share with you. And then I had a baby and being a mom of 3 has rocked my world. It's all good things, but means I'm struggling to get over here… Continue reading New Year and I’m back…again


Your stomach is not your brain

I found this article on mindful eating from the Washington Post very interesting. For those who don't know, mindful eating is simply the "diet" approach that you can lose or maintain weight by focusing in on what you are eating, without necessarily changing your diet. By focusing, you keep better track of how much you… Continue reading Your stomach is not your brain


New Year, New Goals, New Weight?

Over the last two years, I've waxed long about not setting goals about weight (here and here among many others). Focus on changes for health. If your making healthier choices, you will often lose weight and be able to sustain that weight loss. And even if you don't lose weight, your health will have improved.… Continue reading New Year, New Goals, New Weight?


Cheeseburgers for health?

I promise I am not affiliated with Freakonomics in any way. But they had another podcast recently about health and nutrition that I found very interesting. It was the antithesis of Super Size Me and fits within my philosophy pretty well, too. The podcast, titled "The Cheeseburger Diet", follows the story of a women who… Continue reading Cheeseburgers for health?


Lose weight without eating less?

Is it possible you could weight less while eating the same amount of calories? ¬†Some researchers think it is possible by shifting the composition of your diet. The researchers compared diets and BMIs from several countries around the world. ¬†They found that Greeks, Japanese, and French people could eat the same number of calories as… Continue reading Lose weight without eating less?


Small changes can help you have a better life

I just read about two different studies that provide even more evidence that even small changes can have big impacts on your health. In the first study, researchers found that substituting on serving each day of water, unsweetened tea or unsweetened coffee for a sugar sweetened beverage (such as soft drinks, sweetened tea/coffee, fruit drinks,… Continue reading Small changes can help you have a better life